Sunday, September 24, 2006


Emilly is such a funny girl! She says the funniest things at just the right moment. Such a wonderful characteristic for such a wee one. Yesterday, she had one of those moments that about made my face split open as I tried not to show that I was laughing. The expression on my face must have been one of sheer torture with all my facial muscles contracting to try to contain the laughter.

First I should set the scene. Emilly and Hazel were with me at school. Thom, my husband, had a JROTC competition. I was asked to help serve all the kids lunch. So, we spent most of the morning and afternoon at the high school. At one point, Hazel and Emilly were right outside the concession stand, where we were serving, coloring and writing. I came out to comment on how well they were behaving and this is the conversation that we had.

Susan: Thank you girls for behaving so nicely!

Hazel: You welcome!

Emilly: I all done.

Susan: You're all done with what, sweetie?

Emilly: I all done behavin'

Emilly then proceeded to walk over to Hazel and poke her with her pencil.

I found this to be extremely hilarious! (not the actual poking) That is honesty! She knew that she had had enough of being good and was kind enough to let me know that she was done. Of course, she had a consequence, but it was most difficult to do with a straight face.

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