Wednesday, September 06, 2006

All to Jesus

...I surrender. ALL to Him I freely give.

Today I will take Hazel to meet her biological father and her paternal grandmother. They are trying to get joint custody of her. So, today is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. Today is the paternity test. DSS is hoping to have the paternity test back by court on Sept 18.

My feeling have vacillated from one end of the spectrum to the other. We love Hazel as our own. In July the judge ordered the plan to be adoption. We were asked if we would be willing to adopt Hazel and Emilly. Of course, our answers was a hearty yes.

Now we are faced with a very real possibility that Hazel and Emilly will be separated, and Hazel sent to live in Florida.

But honestly, today and even last night God has given me a peace I cannot explain. I know He holds her future and will guard her. We have prayed continually that He would place a hedge of protection around her. I believe He will. His grace is sufficient. And when my faith waivers I will ask God to help me my unbelief.

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Paulette said...

Susan, This is SUCH a precious post, and I want you to know how much I admire you. I was once a scared little 5 year old in two different foster homes, scared to death.
My heart is near and dear to foster children, and I have great respect for moms like you who take a chance on it.
Thankyou for your words on my comments at Faith Lifts. It touched me when you said you try hard to fix it and can't. Your love can help ultimately, but I will tell you the healing does come from God. It will be a hard road and I would love to pray for you.
I was reminded today about something my foster mother said to me those many years ago. Little one all you need is love.
My story didnt have a great ending I was placed back with my parents unfortunately for abuse to continue.
I will visit your blog often.