Friday, September 01, 2006

And Emilly...

Emilly, you are an amazingly funny two year old. I never would have thought that the introverted and scared child that arrived at our home eight months ago would have turned into who you are today. What is it that you are today? Well, I thought I would make a list of the top ten things I like about you.

10. Those cheeks! You have these sweet cheeks that can glow like a light bulb with the slightest bit of heat or when you cry. Everyone comments on the baby with the round cheeks.

9. Mine! Since you turned two in July, you have perfected the word "mine". You have an amazing vocabulary for a two year old, but the word "mine" tops the list most days. It makes my heart swell when you say "my mommy" or "my daddy".

8. Your laugh! We did not hear your true laugh for a while. At first, you laughed a silly artificial laugh when Hazel did something silly, but then one day we heard the real Emilly laugh. It was so sweet. The laugh of a baby. Last week that sweet laugh changed to that of a child. It now resembles a donkey. But you do it so well. Your laughter is truly contagious.

7. That you are two. Some days that might not be my most favorite thing, but I love that two has turned you a little more confident. Hazel is not able to force you do as much anymore. You tell her "no" often, and you are not always willing to be at her beckon call.

6. This might sound like a contradiction to number 7, but you are a wonderful follower. So often everyone wants to be the leader, but you are willing to be a follower without complaint. It is a gift to be a good follower. I pray that you will use that willingness to follow in your future relationship with Jesus. He is an awesome leader who never fails!

5. You look totally opposite of what I thought my child would look like. This is a gift from God. He definitely has a sense of humor, and He has used it often when I try to dictate what things will be. I thought for sure my next child would have dark hair and eyes like myself. You are God's design with your blond hair and blue/gray eyes.

4. At this moment, I am your favorite parent. Selfish? Yes, I admit to being a little selfish of your attention. I love that in a roomful of your favorite people I am usually your first choice when you wish to be held.

3. YOU ARE A GIRLY GIRL! I have no clue how God put us together on that one. You shake in fear at the sight of bugs, amphibians and reptiles. (even the fake ones) You would rather play with your babies and blankets. Funny since, I am the proud owner of two of the sweetest frogs on the earth.

2. You do the funniest voices and facial expressions! It is hard to believe that a little girl like yourself can have that big deep voice you do. It makes people laugh in hysteria when you do it.

1. Is simply because you are you. You do not try to be Hazel or anyone else. You live life as yourself. That is an admirable quality for such a young person. Never give that up!

Emilly, this list could go on forever, but these are a few of the things I like most about you. You are such a joy to be around. I love you, boo.

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