Monday, September 18, 2006

And the verdict is...

well, I don't know. Court was continued until next month. The attorney's for the girl's mother, grandfather and Hazel's father were not present. There was also a question as to whether the motion for a homestudy to be done on the grandfather had been rejected by the judge in July or not. So, we will wait until October to be heard.

What do I think of it all? Well, honestly, I have had a spirit of praise all day. There is a reason that this judge did not hear this case. The reason is God. God obviously did not want this case to be heard today, and I will praise Him. This was not the judge who was likely to rule in our favor. Next month may be the right time and place for this to be heard. God has asked us to wait.

My purpose this next month is to love Hazel and Emilly, teach them more about God, and rest in the promise that God is who He says He is. I do not have to worry about anything. Trusting God is all I need to do.

Thank you, Father, for the answer you gave today. I will wait for you to reveal your plan for us.

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