Friday, December 08, 2006

What's On Your Tummy? (Not Male Reading Material)

A two year old's fascination with chest is beyond my realm of understanding. Why are they always needing to touch them? Talk about them? And poke or squeeze them? I just don't understand!

But even I must admit when my two year old make the funniest of comments about them. So, here it is in the words of Emilly, my precocious little two year old.

I am standing in front of my closet trying to find a cooler shirt to wear. When up walks Emilly who immediately pointed to my chest...
"What's that?" Emilly asked
"Mine" I stated
"That your chest, Mommy?"
"What's that?"as she pointed again.
I turned and pointed at her chest and said "What's that?" She grabbed her chest and looked down. Then as sweetly as can be replied, "My chest laying on my tummy like yours mommy?"

Well, I decided to leave it at that. What more could I have said?

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