Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Delirium

Christmas is one of my most favorite times of year. I love the whole idea of Christmas, but the clutter of it I could do without. It is at times smothering.

Our Christmas was wonderful! Take away the fact that my husband had the worst case of the stomach flu I have seen in a while and that I had a touch of it on Christmas Day, it was a great day. Hazel and Emilly were a little overwhelmed with the quantity of presents that they received, but they are adjusting with great finesse.

My Mom and step dad came to our house for the holidays. What a blessing that was! I cannot imagine taking on Christmas morning with both girls and a husband who was too sick to care. The girls really enjoyed all the extra attention. It also fed my love for being surrounded by family on holidays. Yes, I do love the whole idea of Norman Rockwell.

Christmas for me was so much deeper than the gifts and ideas. This Christmas was a great reminder of all that is important to me. Between having two special little girls living with us this year and participating in the pageant, my focus has been much more Saviour oriented.

Too know that the precious little baby born in a stable in Bethlehem as a sacrifice for my sins, is incomprehensible on a certain level. Yes, I believe it with all of my heart, but to truly absorb the meaning of that takes a little longer. Love came down at Christmas, but Love was planned before the creation of this world. Knowing that man would fall, God knew that a Sacrifice would be required. I don't think there was a question or doubt that crossed His mind.

At times I wonder if I could have offered any of my children for the life of another who had not even been created. I really don't think I could. Why not just forget the idea of creating a world where mankind would ultimately turn their back on their God? And then to offer a Redeemer who would be despised, rejected, brutally beaten, and crucified for them. What infinite love God has for each of us. Amazing love!

My focus this season has been deepened and strengthened. It is my joy to love, worship and serve a God who loves me boundlessly. May Christmas live in our hearts each day of the years to come.

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