Monday, November 27, 2006

My Cup Runneth Over

Our Christmas Pageant began yesterday, and God was in the midst. Several decisions were made for Christ last night. In those moments of the invitation, all of the hours of practice and sacrifice were all worth it.

Hazel and Emilly are both part of the pageant. Emilly is a sheep, and Hazel is an angel. I know all parents must feel this way, yet, somehow I feel that I am unique. My heart is completely overwhelmed when I see them on stage singing or not singing to Jesus. When they come out in their Christmas dresses for their last song, it is all I can do not to run to them and wrap my arms around them. They are beyond precious! And somehow God saw fit to place them in my life as my daughters. It is in His grace that I am somehow found deserving to have them for this season. He is so good to me! Even as I write this, I cannot stop the tears. They mean so much to me. I love them beyond words.

Thomas is also in the pageant. He looks so handsome when he opens the pageant with a little introduction, and then he snaps his finger and says "let the music begin". At that moment the stage becomes a winter wonderland with people in Victorian attire. Magical!

Later when Thomas comes back out, I tend to be offended by his character. Oh, I know that as a Roman soldier he is not suppose to be nice, but it is heart rending during the crucifixion. Then he tells Mary, the mother of Jesus to leave, and my heart is broken for her. I know it is a play, but somehow it comes to life with all the emotions. I cannot say that in that moment at the cross I want to run to him, but he plays his role with passion. He is truly believable in this role.

The lady who plays Mary at the cross is amazing. Her name is Nancy, and what can I say...she plays the part amazingly! She truly does weep at the foot of the cross. And it makes that moment priceless. I am honored to work with her. When Jesus is taken off the cross and prepared for burial, she bends down and touches his face. That is one of the most beautiful scenes. The love of a mother. Tender. Loving. Heartbreaking.

God has blessed my life abundantly this year. I cannot wait to spend a little more time reflecting on this after the pageant is over.

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Thomas said...


While shopping in Asheville, we stopped at Starbucks. There were 2 men outside, obviously homeless. With the girls almost asleep, she volunteered to go in. I warily eyed the 2 men to insure they wouldn't bother Susan. Initially, instead of having a heart like Jesus, I was quite the opposite. I was embarrased of ymself and proud of Susan at the same time when she called me on her cell phone and asked if I minded if she offered to buy them coffee. That was so thoughtful and considerate of Susan, while my first thoughts were anything but. I could see that the men were cold, and greatly appreciated Susan's kind gesture. Upon her return to the car, I went over to the men and gave them a tract on how to be saved. I hope that they read it and received salvation, pray that they do. Thank you Susan for being a kind, considerate, and thoughtful person. I love you!