Friday, February 16, 2007

You Are Loved

February 17, 1987, I do not remember where I was that day or what I was doing. Nor did I know that my son had been born on that day. At barely sixteen, what could you really expect? It would be more than a decade before we would actually meet.

Our first meeting happened in February 1998 at McDonald's. You were precious. Small for your age with the largest brown eyes, I was head over heals for you the moment I saw you. You didn't have much to say that night...our meeting was awkward. You probably felt that every movement you made was being scrutinized. I was afraid you would not like me...that somehow I would not measure up to what you wanted in a new mommy. After all, you loved the one you had had so deeply.

Things worked out. We all agreed it was worth our best shot. So, that is what we did. We were and are so proud to call you "ours". A priceless treasure from heaven. You have grown into a strong and handsome man. I love that when people see us together, they always think that you belong by birth. What they don't realize is that we have something better than that! We belong by choice. I would choose you again. Hope you would say the same!

For your birthday I want to tell you are loved beyond measure. I pray that you will allow God to have complete control over your life. He is faithful. Trust Him even when you have nothing within you to trust with.

Mike, I love you!

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