Monday, February 05, 2007

Have I lost my mind?

I love to start new projects! LOVE IT! So, it was nothing new when a while ago I decided to change the look of our cabinets. I wanted to stain them either a dark espresso or ebony. Well, after looking at our choices, my husband choose ebony. We purchased all the new toys it would take to make this little project work.

Now due to the fact that I have two little girls it has made progress on this project...well, let's just say a little slow. The whole stain thing did not work. After many attempts to make it work, we realized that we would have to completely strip all of the wood to succeed. NO.THANK.YOU! So, we decided to paint them instead. We decided on black.

Let me interrupt all of this by saying that I love it! It really sets things apart. We had a small concern about darkness and all, but it is really crisp looking.

Now we are far from being done, but I am even more excited about this than when I began. It takes a little age off of our 40+ year old cabinets.

While focusing so diligently on this project something in me decided it is time to potty train Emilly. So, I am refusing to buy diapers. What exactly am I thinking?

So, each time I pick up the sander, Emilly either needs to potty or stands beside me and wets her pants. Nice, isn't' it? The issue is that I cannot always hear her over the sander. I mean once you are holding a power tool in your hand something takes over. It is such an amazing rush of...of...well, power!

The moral of the story is do not try to huge projects at one time.(especially one involving personal body fluids that I am still responsible for) It makes both processes rather difficult. Why is it that I choose huge task in multiples? On the other hand won't it be great when both are done!

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Deb said...

I am thinking my friend Susan thinks there are more than 24 hours in one day. Besides the cabinets and potty training, there is housecleaning, cooking, appointments, etc. I know how much you do like your projects though and you love to paint and fix up your home. Good luck on ALL the projects!! LOVE YA!!