Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Simply Stated

In January I purchased two little saucer type sleds for our family. After all, we have lived here for almost two years and have not had the "luxury" of sleds until now. Since the purchase of these little sleds, it has snowed several times, but never enough to be able to use said items. Until this weekend! Saturday night it snowed...not a lot, but enough to enjoy our new toys.

After breakfast, I bundled the children up and out we went. The girls were exuberant to finally be able to sled. The first hill we tried was a little steep. Hazel barely made it all the way to the top and Emilly and I well barely made any progress. When all seemed futile, I put Emilly on a sled and sent her down what little progress we had made. I slid down on my hands and knees backwards as I lost my footing.

So, we tried another hill. VIOLA! The sledding began. With my husband in place at the bottom of the hill to catch whomever came down, we commenced with the fun. (for if we were to keep going we would have propelled ourselves over the embankment) Let me tell you...those little saucers fly. The girls finally talked their dad into taking them down together. So, Thom layed down and the girls sat on his stomach. TOO FUNNY! They had a blast.

The snow did not last the day, but we had a great time while it lasted.

Today as we headed out to an appointment, Hazel asked what the white dusty stuff was on our car. I explained that it was salt that had been placed on the road to melt the snow and ice. She so sweetly asked, "Salt and pepper, Mommy?"

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