Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sweet Peace

Tonight as I sit here and ponder all that has happened today, I am overwhelmed by the reality of God moving in the midst of so many areas of my life.

My day started with my girls climbing in bed with me. Last night I stayed up way too late. So this moring was nothing if not slow. We had just begun to stir when I received a text message from my friend Debbie asking me to call her at work. I knew immediately something was wrong. When I called her, I knew that she was crying. This is not good. Her sweet dog Thea has not been well, and I feared the worst. Turns out Thea was alive, but been mysteriously injured. The vets were stitching up Thea's neck. If the cut had been 1mm closer it would have severed her jugular. Thea is doing well tonight. God heard the prayers and sweetly answered the prayers that were offered for a sweet little dog, Thea, and her mommy.

Then I found out that Nikolai is doing better. Nick is a twelve year old boy with leukemia, and he has not been well for the last week. Today was nothing short of a miracle for Nick and his family.

And then I find out that sweet little Ashley may be released to go home to Texas this week! How great is our God! There are many obstacles to overcome this week, but God is moving to reunite this precious family soon.

But it did not stop there. Tomorrow is our day in court. It has not been looking good for our case, but God showed up and evidence arrived today that can totally change our case. We are praying that it will be entered as evidence and that our case will be heard. From our vantage point we are seeing God place piece after piece in order for His glory to be revealed. I cannot wait.

Tonight I am relaxed and ready for tomorrow. This is not usual. I am usually the one who is afraid of what will happen, but not now. There is praise filling my heart that I cannot explain.

Let Your glory be revealed tomorrow!

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