Monday, October 30, 2006

My Purpose

My purpose is to point others to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. In all things giving Him the praise, honor and glory. Claiming Him as my hope and my shield.

In fulfilling my purpose toward my family I should pour out the best of me at all times. "Things" always try to rob me of my best. Whether it be appointments, deadlines, or other peoples needs, I need to remember that these precious people, my family, need and deserve the best of me each day.

My purpose in my church is to encourage women in their walk with the Lord. God has called me to work in women's ministry. This is the purpose that I am struggling with the most right now. I am intimidated by others and do not feel qualified or capable of leading them. Their are so many others who would do a much better job at it. But in my heart I know that God did not call me to fit in the mental mold that man or woman has made. There is not a perfect person here on earth. God called me, and I must choose to be faithful regardless of the image I have set before myself as "ideal."

So often, God, I find myself falling away from the purpose you have called me to do. Please forgive me. Fill my spirit with a boldness that I cannot shy away from my calling. Thank you, Father.


Nancze said...

Hello Susan, I was very moved by your meme from Faith Lifts. I know God will provide you the strength to reach out to other women in your church and be a blessing to them. Thanks for sharing. God Bless..

janice said...

God Bless you as you move forward in faith!! How beautiful that you are moving past your own fears and concerns in faithfulness to His calling! :)