Monday, August 13, 2007

Walking By Faith

In early September, I will begin teaching a women's Bible study by Jennifer Rothschild called Walking By Faith: Lessons Learned in the Dark. It is exciting to be able to walk with my sisters in Christ through studies like this. God reveals so many things to each of us in our own personal language. While the revelation may be the similar, the application to each person is always unique. What a joy to see God in a different light! He is so much more than I can or ever will imagine.

This past week has been one trial after another. I expected it. When teaching on faith, Satan will surely do all he can to lessen the efficacy of the message. This time of testing has hit one of the most tender places in my involves my children.

We found out that there is a chance for the girls to be given to a relative. Our court hearing this month will be a fight to keep these precious girls from going to an unsafe place. We like all the other members of our team believed their was no possible way for this to happen, but it has. Fear is a constant companion, but I am trying to continually lay it down at the feet of God.

Please pray for and with us. We are desperate for God to intercede on the behalf of these girls. Their safety is in danger. God is our hope and answer.

Abba, Father, I know that you are not surprised or shaken by the news we received. You knew before the creation of the world what would happen to these children. Forgive my unbelief. Help me to believe, to rest in You, to lay it all down and let You work as only You can. God, I am scared for Hazel and Emilly and our family.

Lord, let truth be revealed in every situation regarding these children and each family member. Open the judges eyes and mind! Give him wisdom and understanding to make the best decision for these children. For each therapist, GAL, social worker, biological family member and anyone else who will sit on that stand, let only complete truth pour out of their mouths. Give the attornies the questions that will shine a light on the dangers of this placement. For each piece of information that has been or will be entered regarding the safety and wellbeing of these children, let it jump off the page! Let not one piece of evidence be overlooked. Thank you, God, for loving Hazel and Emilly more than I do. I love you!

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Deb said...

What a beautiful and oh-so-appropriate song. Listen to it daily and let it sink deep into your heart. God is always there and loves the girls so much. You know I am praying constantly for you and them. God is so good - he will keep them safe. Believe in that always!!! And I know you will be so blessed by the bible study - I can't wait to hear weekly everything that He shows you through the study. It will be awesome!!
I love you my friend!! But remember always that God loves you beyond what we can ever imagine!!!