Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Thought I Had Heard It All

Potty training with Emilly has not proven to be one of my finer moments. She can leave me completely frustrated as we get so close only to have a string of accidents. It seems that we have been working on this forever!

This past month has proven much better than oh say...the last 5 in the potty training department. We have even gone so far as to wear panties to bed with no accidents! Emilly has also been able to go to the bathroom without needing help. YEAH!

Today she went to potty and came back and proceeded to tell me that the stuff in her panties was not poop but chocolate. Every red flag in my head that was available went up . After investigating the situation a little closer, I discovered that it was indeed poop and not chocolate. Emilly claims that she pooped in the potty. I have scoured the house in search of any escapees, but, alas, have found none. My praise must be this, I even checked her mouth (she did call it chocolate) and there was no evidence found there either!

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Deb said...

"Chocolate???" Ha!!! I have not heard it referred to as chocolate!! What a resourceful child. The things kids can come up with are too funny. And yes, one must be very thankful no "chocolate" was found around the house or (yuck) in the mouth!!! What will she come up with next???!!!!