Thursday, January 25, 2007

I love you

Time seems to be ticking by so quickly this week. Maybe it is that time may be running out for us. I want to hold on a little tighter to each moment. At times, it is like sand slipping through my fingers.
Hazel, my beloved child, you are unspeakable joy. You love to serve your family in a way that can only be God's work. He is preparing you for something huge. You have humbled me with the depth of your happiness and sadness. At your lowest moments, you always tell me "I need my God!" What a profound statement for such a young child! You trust God with all the bad things you hide so deep inside. Do not lose that trust in Him. He is faithful. He is safe. He does not promise life without pain or trouble, but He promises that you will overcome this world.
At gymnastics I see in you untouched potential. Your love for each new skill is inspiring. Keep your focus and always have fun. (don't forget to point your toes! :-)
My baby, Emilly, you come across as shy and introverted. Yet, underneath it all is a funny little girl who loves to laugh. God has given you the gift of nurturing. I see it in the way you care for each baby or other children. So precious! You are growing so fast. I treasure each moment I have to hold you and cuddle with you. Time seems to be running out fast! Won't you let me hold you one more time?
Girls, these next few weeks seem so fragile. Let's hold on to each other and the gift of family that God has given us for a season. I cannot promise that we will be together forever, but I promise that you have left fingerprints all over my heart. I love you each but not the same. You are each special, and I treasure the differences that make each of you unique.

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